Pyrate is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

PyR@TE 2 is available !

    It can be downloaded directly here or from its git repository (make sure to use --recursive when cloning).
  • 4, August 2016: pyrate-2.0.0.tar.gz

Since version 1.2.0 one can deal with terms that can be contracted into several invariants (e.g. four triplets of SU(2)). Please read NewsInPyR@TE-1.2.0.html(ipynb) before starting to use it. This has been merged to PyR@TE 2.

Higher dimensional representation of SU(2):

A new data base that allow one to use representation of SU(2) to dimensions up to 8 has been put together! CGCs-su2-8.pickle. To use it, place the file in Source/GroupTheory/ and copy it onto the existing file CGCs-1.2.0-sparse.pickle. Note that this data base is much heavier than the regular one such that you might want to keep the other one to switch back.

Previous versions:

Note on Sympy 0.7.3 and recent versions

  • In order to be able to run PyR@TE with Sympy 0.7.3 the user has to run the patch sympy-0.7.3.patch. The user must have the rights to write on the sympy files, i.e. either use

    sudo python sympy-0.7.3.patch,

    or ask your administrator to run it for you. The script can take two options, "R" and "dry" which are the original corresponding options of the linux patch command i.e. "R" will undo the changes of the patch and "dry" will do a test of the patching. The syntax is :

    python sympy-0.7.3.patch R/dry.

  • The patch is located in the pyrate directory and can also be downloaded here.
  • Alternatively, the source code of sympy-0.7.2 can be copied in the main PyR@TE folder. Note, that in this case sympy-0.7.2 files must not be located in a subdirectory of the main PyR@TE folder but directly in this folder.