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New version!: PyR@TE 2



PyR@TE is an acronym for “Python Renormalization group equations At Two-loop for Everyone”. It is a python code that generates the two-loop RGEs for non-supersymmetric models. In PyR@TE, once the user specifies the gauge group and the particle content of the model, the routines automatically generate the full two-loop renormalization group equations for all (dimensionless and dimensionful) parameters. Since version 2, the full effect of kinetic mixing is taken into account at two-loop. The results can optionally be exported to LATEX and Mathematica, or stored in a Python data structure for further processing by other programs. For ease of use, we have implemented an interactive mode for PyR@TE in form of an IPython Notebook, see our tutorial section for examples.

Change Log (last entry on the 18th January, 2015): here